UAMMI is the connecting point for Utah’s Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Industry!

The Utah Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Initiative (UAMMI) brings together public, private, community, industry and education partners to assure growth and sustainability of Utah’s advanced material and manufacturing industry.

The mission of UAMMI is to ensure that Utah is the global leader in value-added advanced materials, manufacturing, technology development, and design by integrating industry, academic and government contributors in ways that enhance collaboration, promote business opportunities, share knowledge resulting from relevant research and engage a skilled and trained workforce.

Our guiding principles are to:

  • Innovate Advanced Material: Our focus is on expanding the innovation and use of all advanced materials with a primary emphasis on carbon composites, along with other materials including ceramics, biomaterials and materials yet to be developed.
  • Growth Through New Uses: We foster and encourage new uses of advanced materials in all applications, across all industries, and integral to all manufacturing.
  • Industry Solution:  We actively seek solutions to today’s industry-relevant problems and challenges.
  • Relevant Research: We encourage and support all relevant research conducted by academic, corporate and independent researchers that leads to the discovery of new advanced materials, new uses for these materials and the adoption of new manufacturing processes that produce measurable benefits.
  • Alignment: We leverage our resources with those from selected partners delivering services and programs complimentary to our own in order to increase our impact and benefit to the industry.
UAMMI Yearly Accomplishment Summaries
Utah’s History in Aerospace & Advanced Materials

Advanced manufacturing and materials began in Utah during the space race of the 1950’s when two Utah based explosives companies, Hercules and Thiokol, developed expertise to improve missiles with carbon fiber. Orbital ATK, which resulted from the merger of Hercules and Thiokol along with Hexcel continued the carbon fiber business. Today, many of the materials and processes used in advanced manufacturing around the world have been developed here in Utah.

This early beginning has expanded to include well over 100 Utah businesses ranging from startups to large companies developing advanced materials for a wide variety of aerospace components, medical devices, industrial products, recreational equipment and more.

In addition, Utah’s supply chain has significantly diversified to include manufacturing, material suppliers, and service-based companies performing sophisticated design and analysis.  Through all this, Utah has developed a worldwide reputation as a leader in advanced manufacturing.

UAMMI Partners

The UAMMI mission is accomplished by the work of key partners.  These include:

SAMPE - Society for Advanced Materials and Process Engineering

UAMMI works closely with and relies on SAMPE for technical expertise and worldwide contacts.

Dept of Workforce Services

The Department of Workforce Services is UAMMI’s partner for workforce development and economic data and analysis.

i5 Services

i5 Services is managing the rollout and technical support for the UAMMI Supply Chain tool.  i5’s mission is to create business solutions that change industries and cut costs.

GOED - Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development

GOED is UAMMI’s partner to help grow the advanced materials industry cluster in Utah.

EDCU - Economic Development Corporation of Utah

UAMMI assists EDCU in advanced manufacturing recruiting activities.

UMA - Utah Manufacturing Association

The Utah Manufacturing Association is a member of UAMMI that helps promote workforce development and supply chain expansion.

University of Utah - SCI Institute

The SCI Institute is leading the Supply Chain Mapping project and other initiatives in association with UAMMI.

IACMI - Institute for Advanced Composites Innovation

IACMI is UAMMI’s partner for energy related projects.

NAM - National Association of Manufacturing

UAMMI is part of NAM’s national supply chain mapping project.

IMCP – Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership

UAMMI and Utah are designated as one of 22 IMCP sites in the United States for Advanced Materials.

America Makes

As a member of America Makes, UAMMI receives access to additive manufacturing experts from within the industry as well as additive manufacturing technical and workforce data. Utah companies will have access to these resources through UAMMI.

Vertical Flight Society

UAMMI is a member of the Vertical Flight Society which is the world’s only international technical society for engineers, scientists and others working to advance vertical flight technology. VFS brings together industry, academia and government to tackle the toughest challenges in vertical flight.

The Graphene Council

The Graphene Council is the leading source for graphene research, commercial application, news and intelligence. UAMMI and the Graphene Council have partnered to help strengthen each others outreach efforts and missions.


Utah Industry Resource Alliance

UIRA is an economic development organization chartered to help Utah manufacturers and all rural Utah businesses.The UIRA provides services and outreach to all 29 Utah counties and focuses on improving the bottom line through assessing needs and providing solutions available through public and private resources.


Women's Tech Council

Founded in 2007, WTC focuses on the economic impact of women in driving growth for the technology sector. WTC builds programs that amplify and create tech talent to support more women in technology careers from high school to the board room.


Tulinda Larsen

Tulinda Larsen

Executive Director

Dr. Tulinda Larsen is currently serving as the Executive Director for UAMMI. She is also the CEO and Founder of Skylark Drone Research where she has turned her research from commercial aviation to the emerging Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS/drones) and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) industries.


She specifically is analyzing the large unmanned aviation vehicle (UAV) and urban air mobility (UAM) markets. She is also private pilot and an insured and licensed Part 107 Remote Pilot in Command. She is also an Adjunct Professor in the School of Business, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Worldwide Campus.

Dr. Larsen previously served as an advisor to Deseret UAS, a nonprofit in Utah focused on the large UAV and emerging UAM market. Deseret UAS mission is to facilitate rural economic development in Utah through unmanned aircraft systems. Deseret UAS is establishing multiple test sites in Utah for UAM market, providing UAS and UAM education programs, facilitating applied research and advocating to evaluate Utah in the UAM industry. Deseret UAS was launched in October 2018. Dr. Larsen successfully secured a second year of funding from the Utah state legislature. Successes in the first year include selected as part of the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems (NIAS), Deseret UAS is on the NASA TCL-4 and FAA UPP project teams. See more about her at: https://www.tulindalarsen.com/ or https://www.linkedin.com/in/tulinda-larsen-40aa3a10/

Brent Strong

Brent Strong

Chief Technology Officer

Brent Strong, Ph.D., is the Chief Technology Officer for UAMMI and is a critical piece of connecting Utah companies within the industry.  Brent is an emeritus professor of Manufacturing Engineering Technology (Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology) at Brigham Young University.


Dr. Strong’s technical research interests are in composite and plastic materials and in processing of those materials. He was elected International President of the Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering (SAMPE), the leading society for composite materials engineering and was later named a SAMPE Fellow. He was the editor-in- chief of the Journal of Advanced Materials. He is the author, co-author or editor of 12 books, over 100 peer reviewed and invited papers, and is the inventor or co-inventor on 12 patents. Dr. Strong is the founding director of the Advanced Composite Manufacturing and Engineering (ACME) Center, the founding Director of the Manufacturing Leadership Forum and of the Rapid Product Realization Center, all at BYU. Prior to entering Brigham Young University, Dr. Strong had a successful career in industry. He was President of Hardie Irrigation Systems, a world-wide manufacturer of plastic equipment for the drip irrigation industry. He was also the vice president for market development for the Eyring Research Institute and a senior research chemist and manufacturing engineer for the DuPont Company. In addition to his full-time university work, Dr. Strong continues to be active in business – serving on boards of directors and consulting for a number of companies.
Dr. Angela Trego, PMP, PE, FHEA

Dr. Angela Trego, PMP, PE, FHEA

Director of Science & Engineering

Angela is the Director of Science & Engineering for UAMMI. She has held technical & senior leadership roles in major aerospace and industrial companies with special expertise in composite materials. She is involved in engineering education programs where she is part of global accreditation programs for engineering degree programs. 


She also serves on several technical society boards and non-profit executive boards. Applying a strong technical background with leadership experiences across multiple industries gives Angela a unique perspective on project management, leadership and women in business. She holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Brigham Young University. For more information see www.angelatrego.wordpress.com
Cathy Blomquist

Cathy Blomquist

Administrative Assistant

Cathy provides administrative support for UAMMI as well as the SBA RIC and Defense Manufacturing Community program. Cathy brings administrative assistant skills that she developed over the last decade working with the Girl Scouts. Prior to that, she started her career at Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation as a senior credit and collections representative.

Grow Utah

Grow Utah

Marketing & Outreach

Grow Utah provides marketing, operational and event management services to UAMMI. As a non-profit organization, Grow Utah is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and the expansion of important economic clusters across the state. www.GrowUtah.com



Ampleo (formerly Advanced CFO) provides financial management services to UAMMI. Ampleo manages the entire financial funnel – from basic bookkeeping, financial reporting, and assistance in raising multiple rounds of funding, to guiding financial decisions that support your long-term growth objectives. Ampleo handles all of the financial aspects of a business, including everything from accounting and tracking of finances, all the way up to making financial decisions for the future and providing funding for growth www.Ampleo.com

UAMMI Board Members

UAMMI Board Members

  • Mark Ripke – Current UAMMI Board Chair / Chief Engineer, Sr. Manager of Engineering, Boeing Salt Lake
  • Matt Majewski – Current UAMMI Vice Chair / Vice President Aerospace Engineering, Kihomac
  • Mike Rossberg – Current UAMMI Treasurer /
  • Scott Lindsay – CEO, TCR Composites
  • Perry Oaks – Utah Sr. Manager of Government Affairs, Lockheed Martin.
  • Kori Ann Edwards – Chief Operating Officer, Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development
  • Brent Strong – Chief Technology Officer, UAMMI & Global Executive Vice President, SAMPE
  • Jerome Berg – Technology Manager, Northrup Grumman, Aeronautics Systems-Aerospace Structures
  • George Hansen – Founder/CTO, Conductive Composites
  • Lyndon Smith – Vice President, Hexcel
  • Sarah Mees – Division Manager, Ogden City Business Development/CANU
  • Ginger Chinn – Managing Director of Business Development, Utah Inland Port Authority
  • Marshall Hagen – Business Development Manager, Janicki Industries Utah
  • David Arnold, DPS Skis
  • Bret Ashton, ACT Aerospace
  • Craig Eatough, Combustion Resources
  • Randy Philpot, Advanced Composites
  • Lyn Gee, L3/Harris

UAMMI Advisory Board Members

  • Sandra Hemmert – CTE Specialist, Granite School District
  • Rick Bouillon – Salt Lake Community College
  • Wes Hobbs, Davis Tech College
  • Darin Brush – President, Davis Technical College
  • David Ferro – Dean College of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology, Weber State University
  • Robert Yancey, Hexcel
  • Stephen Reed, USU
  • Jason Carling, Conductive Composites
  • Jim Trent, BYU

Ex-Officio UAMMI Board Members:

  • David Hansen – Technical Director, OO-ALC/EN Ogden Air Logistics Complex
  • Andy Buffmire – Technology Ambassador, University of Utah

UAMMI Institute Board Members

  • Brent Strong – UAMMI InstituteChairman, CTO, UAMMI & Global Executive Vice President, SAMPE
  • Guy Letrendre – UAMMI Institute Vice Chairman, Weber State University
  • Mike Rossberg – UAMMI InstituteTreasurer
  • Andy Buffmire – UAMMI Institute Director / Technology Ambassador, University of Utah