CORE-CM Initiative for U.S. Basins is a Department of Energy effort whose aim is to develop a more stable domestic supply of rare earth elements and critical materials for which the United States currently relies upon foreign entities.

For the Uinta and Piceance Basins, the University of Utah-led CORE-CM grant team includes the UAMMI and a broad group of industry, government, community, and academic entities. The objectives of this project are to quantify, assess, and plan to enable the Uintah and Piceannce Basin region to realize its full economic potential in transforming resources, such as coal, oil shale, resin, rare earth elements (REE), and critical minerals (CM) into high-value metal, mineral, and carbon-based products.

CORE-CM Coal Ore Rare Earth – Critical Mineral Transforming Earth Materials for Advanced Products


Dr. Michael Free, University of Utah and Dr. Tulinda Larsen, UAMMI

April 21, 2022

March 2022 Update

CORE-CM GEO Team update (Task 2)

Dr. Lauren Birgenheier, U of Utah
Ryan Gall & Mike Vanden Berg, Utah Geological Survey
Andrew Giebel & Karen Berry, Colorado Geological Surve

CORE-CM July 29, 2022 Update