Upcoming Events

UAMMI CrossTalk Event - March 27th

Join us for the next CrossTalk event on March 27th. This event will be held in conjunction with the 14th annual Wasatch Front Materials Expo. CrossTalk is an all-day conference where industry experts will share the latest research and trends in advanced materials and manufacturing. It will consist of expert presentations, discussions, networking breaks, and lunch! RSVP at

RAMP Startup Product Accelerator - Apply Now

RAMP is a product/startup accelerator fully dedicated to innovators utilizing carbon fiber, advanced composites or 3D printing as key components in their product innovations. It is open to innovators at different growth stages and across a wide range of market sectors such as outdoor sports and recreation, medical devises, building construction, aerospace, commercial drones and more.

UAMMI & CFK Convention - Germany - June 12-13

UAMMI invites you to join us in Germany this summer for an outstanding opportunity- to take part in the CFK Valley Summit 2019! The event will be held in Stade near two Airbus R&D and production sites and will involve advanced materials professionals from Europe, Asia and the USA.  Click here for more info.