Sampe Nexus

SAMPE neXus, an all-new three-day interactive event, on our brand new SAMPE 365 virtual platform, that will connect you to your colleagues, industry experts, and a few surprise speakers along the way.

The SAMPE neXus schedule is a kinder, gentler version of the virtual webinars and conference calls that we’ve all grown accustomed to this past year. In just three ½ day sessions, you will have plenty of screen breaks and plenty of time before and after the sessions, all the better fit your custom needs and preferences. We’re sure that you’ll find the break-out sessions, panels, product showcase, and other fun activities to be so engaging, you’ll lose all track of time.

SAMPE neXus will feature:

      • Collaborative discussions
      • Keynote presentation
      • Panels and featured speakers
      • Technical papers
      • Product demos
      • Combination of live and on-demand content
      • Virtual receptions and networking opportunities