UAMMI invited our cluster members, associated partners, family, and friends to celebrate the season and show our appreciation for the amazing team that makes it all possible. 

Attendees were drawn by the smell of Goodwood BBQ that permeated from the Great Room through the halls of the Allied Services Building located on the Davis Technical College campus. Sans BBQ, the agenda for a meeting like this would normally include in-depth examination of our industry’s biggest challenges paired with a side of workforce lamentation. On this day we met simply to say thank the people who provide their wisdom, time, and support to UAMMI and the advanced materials and advanced manufacturing industries. Aside from the offering of sustenance and camaraderie, UAMMI snuck a couple special activities in that made this day especially memorable. 

First, UAMMI officially rolled out the new cluster member onboarding program which includes the framed UAMMI Cluster Member certificate . It was moving for the team to put all the frames together and display them on the tables for members to pick up. Seeing all the company names together like that put into perspective just how many people we have behind this effort. It takes so many hands and minds to get this type of work done right. Looking at the table display confirmed we’re on the right path and doing work Utah can be proud of. For current UAMMI cluster members who were not in attendance your certificate will be delivered soon.


 Second, we took this opportunity to do something we can never do enough – recognize and thank our Board Members. The UAMMI Board of Directors includes pioneers from our industry, engaged community leaders, and organization directors that could easily be working on any number of other things. They have chosen to give their time and energy to UAMMI and the growth of the advanced materials and advanced manufacturing industries. Their influence and work is invaluable and while no thank you is ever enough, UAMMI wanted to publicly acknowledge their contributions and provide a tangible reminder of how much they mean to our team. Each board member received a custom plaque with their name and company. We hope they will look at these and be reminded how valuable they are to us you. To the UAMMI Board: Your work doesn’t go unnoticed, thank you! 

In addition to this, UAMMI took the opportunity to officially launch our private LinkedIn group: UAMMI Cluster Members. The private group was established to be a place where we can gather, discuss, and share important industry information. If you are a current UAMMI Cluster Member you request access to the group here.

Thank you to all who joined us for this year’s end of summer bbq. We enjoyed hosting you and can’t wait to see you again. 

To see more of the images from UAMMI’s End of Summer BBQ click through the slider below: