UAMMI is excited to announce that is has been supporting 3 different Phase I STTR’s with AFWERX Agility Prime over the past several months. All three have successfully completed their Phase I efforts.

ElectraFly partnered with Weber State University, Hexcel and UAMMI on two STTR Phase I grants related to composites manufacturing processes, using the Impossible Objects Composite Based Additive Manufacturing (CBAM) and carbon fiber resin infusion. ElectraFly signed MOUs with the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center (AFWNC) and the Air Force Advanced Composites Office as customers.

AnalySwift completed a Phase I STTR with AFWERX Agility Prime in partnership with Brigham Young University, Weber State University and Hexcel for digital engineering composites manufacturing of propellers for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) aircraft. AnalySwift has teamed with the AAM aircraft company Joby for the Phase 2.

AnalySwift, LLC, partnered with Weber State University, Brigham Young University, Hexcel and UAMMI.  AnalySwift’s Air Force STTR Phase I project focused on extending their rigorous simulation capabilities for complex composite helicopter rotor blades, which are often composed of hundreds of layers of advanced composites, to smaller, more numerous AAM blades.  The technology related to the project has already been licensed by AAM companies with several more currently benchmarking the technology.  AnalySwift is now looking ahead to a potential Phase II project to further advance the technology.  The company is working with engineers at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) on a proposal to help users more fully leverage the many advantages of advanced composites in AAM blades and other aerospace components.  

Phase II awards will be announced in October 2021.