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The Utah Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Initiative (UAMMI) is a federal and state funded initiative to bring together public, private, community, industry and education partners to assure growth and sustainability of Utah’s advanced material and manufacturing industry.

If you are looking for Utah companies to do business with, starting your own company or trying to expand your existing conpany, UAMMI can help you. Through regular events, trainings, partnerships, newsletters, and online business tools, UAMMI can help you connect and grow within this vibrant Utah industry.


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Utah Advanced Manufacturing Week

November 4-8 is officially “Utah Advanced Manufacturing Week”!  Check out the events happening across the state from a STEM Expo, to a UAMMI dinner event to a free all-day CompositesOne workshop on advanced materials!

CONNEX - Industry Directory Tool

Looking for a Utah manufacturer, supplier, or service provider within the industry?  Check out CONNEX– the new industry directory of nearly every advanced materials and manufacturing company in Utah! Check it out.

Small & Rural Business Services

Along with partners across the state (USDA & others), UAMMI is offering free SBA services to help small and rural Utah advanced manufacturing businesses accelerate and thrive. Click here to see the services we offer and how we may help you!

RAMP Startup Accelerator

RAMP is a 10-week Utah product/startup accelerator for manufacturing and materials innovators across the state within industries such as outdoor products,medical, construction, energy, agriculture, and more. Learn more here.

Utah Additive Manufacturing

As an additive manufacturing leader, Utah is leading the way with projects across the state using materials such as polymers, plastics, and composites. This manufacturing process is being used to expand companies product offerings, shorten development cycle time, increase economic diversification, and allow entrance into new markets. Click here for more info.

Utah Advanced Manufacturing Profile

The Economic Development Corporation of Utah (EDCU) has recently compiled and organized data on the advanced materials and manufacturing industry in Utah. As an official state report it contains the best snapshot of the industry. Click here to see the report.


Nov 7-8 – Air Force Research Lab Tech Exchange

Nov 7-8, Davis Tech College, Kaysville, UT
In conjunction with the Utah Advanced Manufacturing Week, UAMMI and the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) are hosting a Tech Exchange event where Air Force sustainment technology innovators can present their ideas to the AFRL team and identify opportunities for collaboration.

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USAF Technology Training Center Coming to Utah

The Air Force is opening a fourth Advanced Technology and Training Center in Syracuse, Utah. The new state-of-the-art facility, scheduled to open in early 2020, will be used by scientists, engineers, technicians, and educators to help revolutionize future manufacturing technologies.

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