UAMMI-AnalyswiftAnalySwift, LLC, a provider of efficient high-fidelity modeling software for composites, announced today that Carleton University is participating in its recently launched Academic Partner Program (APP), and the university is using its VABS simulation software for simulating new helicopter rotor blades. The work is part of the Rotorcraft Laboratory at Carleton University, a research group working on new comprehensive software for helicopters in order to study various tasks such as aerodynamics, structural dynamics, flight mechanics, and control.  Supervised by Dr. Fred Nitzsche, Professor in the Mechanical and Aerospace Department, over the past 20 years, the Rotorcraft Laboratory collaborates with several European universities to accomplish these tasks.

The Academic Partner Program (APP) offers participating universities no-cost licenses of engineering software programs VABS and SwiftComp so students, researchers, and faculty can leverage the tools in their academic research.  It also affords students an additional avenue to highlight their research as AnalySwift periodically spotlights papers, theses, and articles involving the codes.  A robust community of users helps answer questions through the online cdmHUB (composite design & manufacturing HUB) platform.

The VABS program is a general-purpose cross-sectional analysis tool for computing beam properties and recovering 3D stresses and strains of slender composite structures.  It is a powerful tool for rigorously modeling composite helicopter and wind turbine rotor blades, as well as other slender structures, such as propellers, landing gear, and high-aspect ratio wings. Read more….