Founder Stephen Drake has carved a successful niche with shaped boards, but the perfect ski beckons along with fast growth

dps-skis-uammiIf you have not been skiing in the last ten years, Stephan Drake, Founder of DPS Skis, would argue that you have not been skiing at all – at least not the way it should be experienced.

“The experience has changed by leaps and bounds because of the technology,” Drake says.  “Basically, it’s so much easier.  You can carve a clean turn and feel safe and powerful in your skis.  With more control, there is less fear.  The experience is much more powerful with better equipment.”

When Drake founded DPS Skis, the industry was ready for a new change, a new experience.

“Skiing was at a real transition point in 2005,” Drake says.  “It was a great time to get into the game.”

Not only has DPS Skis gotten into the game, that have changed some of the rules by introducing a very progressive, carbon fiber ski to serve the skiers the European manufacturers were leaving behind.

“Right now, we produce big powder shapers for intermediate to experienced skiers.  We do not offer anything on the low end, and our lowest price point is at the higher end of the market.”

This is a price many fans are willing to pay.  “It’s a blessing, to be sure,” Drake laughs.  “Willingness to pay a higher price is a hard thing to build up, and we are proud our brand has built up that equity.” Read More….