Standard-Examiner-Davis-Tech-Contest-UAMMIStudents from Davis Technical College took first, second and third place at the state competition of the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) on April 24, where they were challenged to build carbon fiber bridges that are strong enough to bear 15,000 pounds.

The students are part of the composite materials technology program at Davis Tech. Composites are a combination of materials that are stronger together than any of their individual components.

Davis Tech’s composites materials technology program began in 2008 and has a 96% completion rate.

“This program is currently filling a need for skilled employees in many different industries — mainly aerospace, space, sporting goods, construction, prosthetics and national defense programs,” said Wes Hobbs, Davis Tech’s lead composites instructor, in an email. “Any student that wants a job can get a job. We currently have employers begging for students and offering sign-on bonuses. Some are also offering full-tuition reimbursement.”

Emily Linam, a Davis Tech student who is still in high school, took first place in the high school category, bringing Davis Tech’s medal count to four. Linam attends Northern Utah Academy for Math, Engineering and Science, which offers courses that transfer to the composites program. Read more……