Jeff-Edwards-UAMMIHappy New Year Friends!

The ending of one year and the beginning of the next is a time when each of us reflect on our accomplishments and set goals and plans for the coming year.  At UAMMI we have done the same. We have taken stock of the initiatives we accomplished this past year with the support of so many in this industry. And our board and executive leadership have defined a very detailed strategy that will guide UAMMI over the years to come.

Accomplishments in 2017

2017 was filled with a host of new endeavors, new partnerships and deepened relations across our industry. The following list highlights just a few of our accomplishments:

  • Events– Sponsored and hosted our first CrossTalk event– bringing together academic researchers and industry innovators.
  • Events– In partnership with the Wasatch Front Materials Expo, we hosted an expanded trade show and conference dedicated to the Supply Chain.
  • Industry Presence– Showcased Utah’s advanced materials industry at the leading trade shows including JEC, CAMX, AIRTEC.
  • Specific Business Consultation– Initiated our business consultation services to help individual companies achieve greater success. Assisted some 100 companies.
  • Grant Funding– Assisted in winning federal research grants in the fields of additive materials and coal to carbon processes.
  • Development– Strengthened Utah’s supply chain improving overall management and access.
  • Industry Outreach– Launched our UAMMI website and newsletter which includes the first comprehensive directory of Utah advanced materials and manufacturing businesses.
  • Partnerships– Entered into a partnership with IACMI and strengthened our partnership with SAMPE


Our Plans for the Future

Our strategic plan, which will guide our future, is centered on achieving our overall mission for UAMMI, which in part states:

“We ensure that Utah is the global leader in value-added advanced materials, manufacturing, technology development, and design…”

To accomplish this, we are focusing on the following goals

  • Create a central place and single voice of the industry
  • Support the development of a capable and available workforce
  • Effectively integrate industry players and partners
  • Expand the capacity and robustness of the industry supply chain
  • Promote new business opportunities and partnerships
  • Improve the capability of Utah businesses to successfully compete
  • Diversify markets and promote new uses

It has been a very exciting run through 2017 and we are looking forward to 2018. We are excited to work with our partners, companies and state leaders to achieve great things together this year.

Jeff Edwards
UAMMI Executive Director