Jeff-Edwards-UAMMI Friends,

Today I am excited to announce several new additive manufacturing initiatives undertaken by UAMMI.

Additive manufacturing, or the industrial application of 3D printing, is fast becoming an integral component in today’s manufacturing processes. According to reports, additive manufacturing has grown between 18-25% over the last few years and continued growth looks promising. With the increasing capabilities of 3D printers to process metals, this entire field of 3D metal printing represents significant new business opportunities for many companies in Utah.

In Utah, our large advanced materials and manufacturing industry relies heavily on defense spending. This reliance comes with fluctuations in defense contracts that occur from year to year. To address the uncertainty this can cause to a business, the Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment has issued a grant to educate supplier companies on the opportunities of additive manufacturing and to help them diversify their capabilities. This grant is administered through the University of Utah with UAMMI assisting in many aspects of the grant. We have added a new page to our UAMMI website providing information on the grant and how to take part in additive manufacturing seminars and training.

In addition to the grant project, I am excited to announce that UAMMI became a member of the America Makes additive manufacturing consortium. America Makes is the nation’s leading collaborative partner in additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology research, discovery, creation, and innovation.

As a member of America Makes, UAMMI, and our Utah companies associated with us, will have access to many additive manufacturing experts across industry, academia, and government as well as technical and workforce data.

As our industry continues to grow, diversifying into new areas, such as additive manufacturing, will be critical to our success and UAMMI is excited to play a lead role in that process.


Jeff Edwards
UAMMI Executive Director