We are all facing difficulties during this time.  However, there is hope for an improving economy as Utah enters the “Stabilization Phase” and businesses start to reopen with new safety measures in place.

Recently, the UAMMI team reached out and interviewed nearly all advanced materials and manufacturing companies in Utah. The purpose of this was to assess the economic effects and challenges being faced within the industry cluster, offer support to the individual companies as needed, and provide recovery guidance to policy makers. 

Following the interviews, UAMMI released a summary report of the findings for all to see.  In summary, the team discovered that:

  • Government contracts are keeping the production lines running in many companies.
  • Businesses that are producing PPEs are seeing high demand and cannot keep up in many cases.
  • Manufacturers of recreation products have pivoted to making PPEs or have modified productions.
  • A significant number of advance materials manufacturing companies are facing a severe drop in demand and face a very uncertain future.


For companies that are facing uncertainty, UAMMI is here to help. Our team will continue to reach out and provide information and resources that may help your business. In addition, UAMMI has recently partnered with the Utah Industrial Resource Alliance (UIRA) which is another manufacturing organization we  can work with to help manufacturing companies hang on and transition to recovery.

Looking forward, UAMMI is actively making plans for our 2020 CrossTalk Conference in conjunction with the Wasatch Front Materials Expo.  We are also thrilled to announce that these events will also be in conjunction with Composites World “Carbon Fiber 2020” global conference coming to Salt Lake City in November! Details are still being worked out, but save the date now for Nov 17-19th for these fantastic events. Teaming up with Composites World Magazine is a unique opportunity to be involved with a premier event and an organization that has worldwide reach.  

So while there is still a lot of uncertainty as Utah recovers from the COVID-19 shutdown, we believe that by working together we can elevate and help restore Utah’s advanced materials manufacturing industry.