I am continually amazed at how many good things are happening in the advanced materials and manufacturing industry in Utah. People are paying attention to what’s going on here and recognizing Utah for our leadership.  Recently, two of our partners and board members were nationally and locally recognized for their great work. They are:

GOED/Aerospace Pathways Program awarded the national SAMPE Delmonte Award
On May 24th, Utah’s Governor’s Office of Economic Development was awarded the SAMPE Delmonte Award for Excellence.  This was established by John Delmonte in 1981 to honor outstanding contributions in the field of materials and processes throughout the world.  The Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development was given this award for the development of the Utah Aerospace Pathways program at the recent SAMPE meeting in Long Beach. Ginger Chinn from GOED and UAMMI board member accepted the award on behalf of the Pathways program. See more information and pictures here.

George Hansen (Conductive Composites) Awarded Governor’s Medal for Science & Technology
On June 6th, George Hansen, founder of Conductive Composites and UAMMI board member, was awarded the Utah Governor’s Medal for Science and Technology.  This prestigious award is given to those who make a significant contribution to science and innovation across the state.  With 13 patents and a successful company, we are excited to see George receive this award. See more information and pictures here.

I hope you’ll join me and congratulating our friends and partners in their achievements. These are just a few of the many great things happening in our industry across Utah.  With a great workforce and outstanding leadership, we continue to shine and believe we will continue to do so.


Jeff Edwards
Executive Director