As many of you know, one of the challenges of growing the advanced materials and manufacturing industry in Utah is finding and retaining qualified employees. This is a trial for many companies and is a frequent topic of discussion as we meet with people across the state.  With unemployment at record lows throughout the country there is not an easy solution but there are many who are trying to make a difference.

Of the many solutions, one is to strengthen K-12 student’s interest in this industry.  There are many groups working on this and UAMMI participates with them when possible.  One such event was the recent STEM City at the Warriors Over the Wasatch Air Show at Hill Air Force Base in June. 

STEM City was a first-ever attraction organized by the state STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) group and the STEM program manager at Hill Air Force Base.  It was an entire hangar filled with STEM related activities and information designed to engage children and teens in the industry. Among those activities was the UAMMI booth with a display of advanced material products made in Utah. From carbon fiber wheels by ENVE to arrows from Easton, we had a wide assortment of products for kids to interact with.

Over 10,000 kids explored the STEM City while at the air show, which was a tremendous success for this inaugural event. Children, teens, and parents were thrilled to explore new technologies, see the various products made in Utah and learn about working in the industry.  

While it’s just a start, we are happy to spread enthusiasm about what’s happening in Utah’s advance materials industry and help grow the industry through the involving the up and coming workforce.

Jeff Edwards
Executive Director