Jeff-Edwards-UAMMIWelcome to UAMMI!

Welcome to UAMMI- Utah’s Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Initiative and your connecting point to the exciting innovations and advances of this dynamic industry.

We’ve Been Busy Behind the Scenes

UAMMI is the culmination of many years of hard work from industry, public and academic leaders resulting in the formation of this initiative. With initial funding from the Utah state legislature, UAMMI reflects the joint recognition that this industry sector is vital to Utah’s overall economy and a key element of our state’s future growth.

What Can You Expect

We have set out for ourselves a specific strategy and an aggressive plan that will benefit not only the state as a whole but your individual businesses and those that work for you. Our goals include :

  • Promote the use of advanced materials and manufacturing processes in Utah
  • Convene industry, academia, government and education parties
  • Provide current and relevant industry information and facilitate connections
  • Access both academic and industrial research to solve problems common to the industry
  • Advocate for solving workforce issues that impact the advanced materials industry
  • Assist Utah economic development efforts to expand the industry
  • Work with innovation centers to address advanced materials issues
  • Support Utah’s Composites Working Group

On this Site…

We hope you will like our website. We have worked hard to capture the excitement we feel from you in the industry and we have sought to convey your enthusiasm and optimism about the industry’s future.

Through our efforts, we want you to feel more connected to the industry and form new partnerships that will lead to your even greater success. To facilitate that, we have created a comprehensive company directory based on the many interviews we have done over the past year. This will improve over time, but is a good beginning in identifying the key players in this industry.

Our company spotlight section will give you a drill down on a selected Utah company. This in-depth review will help you see what others are doing and what their capabilities are so you can reach out and partner.

We have organized a list of UAMMI specific resources that are vetted for our industry and available to help you. Ranging from workforce development, to operations, to industry advice and consultation delivered by our own UAMMI team, these resources will give you what you need and prepare you to achieve even more.

And of course our news and events section will keep you current of what is trending in the industry and events that you will want to attend.

Coming Soon- Supply Chain Mapping Tool

Coming soon is a state-of-the-art supply chain mapping tool that has been in the works for over a year now. Under the lead of the University of Utah’s Scientific Computing and Imaging (SCI) Institute, this project has focused on mapping the entire supply chain in advanced materials in Utah – identifying each node of the supply chain and defining each individual company. Once completed, this tool will enable you, in your business, to better understand not only where you fit in the supply chain, but how you are positioned with others in the chain.  Overall, this tool will help identify new opportunities and new markets for your products and services. Much more about this to come soon.

I encourage you to take part in this exciting project and to sign up for the beta version and help us develop this state of the art tool. To be a part of this tool, please contact Ross Marshall at

Let Us Know

Please take a minute to register for our newsletter and so we can keep you informed of the exciting development at UAMMI. And please drop us a note to let us know what you would like to see from us.

We are thrilled to be your partners and consider your success as part of our own!

Jeff Edwards, Executive Director, UAMMI