October 6th is National Manufacturing Day – a day to celebrate the significant contribution made by all to our state’s manufacturing industry. We at UAMMI are proud to add our voice to this celebration. We join with our partners, the Utah Manufacturing Association, Utah SAMPE, and others to extol the impact of advanced manufacturers across the state.

Celebrating Utah’s Advanced Manufacturing
Just consider a few facts that highlight the significance of our own advanced manufacturing segment:

  • Utah is home to over 100 advanced composite/advanced manufacturing companies which employ over 10,000 skilled workers.
  • The industry ranges from filament winding, automated fiber placement to tape laying, 3D printing and everything in between.
  • The markets sectors are diverse such as aerospace, outdoor products, renewable energy, medical devices, defense and more.

Spotlighting The Adaptive Nature of Utah Companies
We celebrate the adaptive nature of our manufacturers. Take a read in our company spotlight of how Utah’s own Sarcos has effectively transitioned from the biomedical field to the new world of robotics.

On the Edge with Additive Manufacturing
Consider where the future of manufacturing is headed with the advances additive manufacturing.  Responding to the pressures for manufacturers to accelerate production, increase flexibility and rapidly meet changing market demands, additive manufacturing technologies may well be the key to meeting the demands of the world marketplace.

McKinnsey and Company sited in their recent report, “The Great Remake: Manufacturing for Modern Times” June 2017, that additive manufacturing is one of the major trends that will drive manufacturing and will clearly impact it for years to come.

Our New Leadership
We are thrilled to announce new leadership on our UAMMI Board. With our past chairman, Darin Friess, taking on a new assignment out of state, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Perry Oaks of Lockheed Martin as our new Board Chair. We know that UAMMI will continue to thrive under his good leadership.

CrossTalk Between Industry and Academia
Finally, please don’t miss our up-coming University-Industry CrossTalk conference and Utah SAMPE dinner/keynote event scheduled for November 1st in SLC. This first time event will bring together academia researchers and industry experts in an open and informative exchange of ideas, sharing of new technologies and exploring interesting insights. You won’t want to miss it.

A Great Day
All in all, it’s a great day and an exciting time to celebrate advanced manufacturing in Utah.