ENVE-M7-Stem-UAMMIAfter years of only offering a 31.8mm diameter stem, ENVE finally coughed up a 35mm option for a stem and handlebar. The M7 stem and handlebar are marketed to the enduro crowd and are ENVE’s only 35mm option. Even their M9 downhill bars are offered in a 31.8mm diameter, so M9 handlebar buyers will have to opt for the M6 stem in one of four lengths — 40mm, 55mm, 70mm, and 85mm — if they want an ENVE stem to match.

Why would someone want to fork out close to $300 for a stem, when a comparable alloy stem weighs only 50 grams more and costs a third of the price? Well, not everyone will. ENVE created their carbon stem because they want to offer the lightest and stiffest cockpit out there, even if it’s not for everyone.

Although a stem doesn’t contribute a lot in terms of ride quality and vibration damping like say a handlebar does, it’s still an option for consumers who want to save weight and increase stiffness. The stems are made in America at the ENVE factory in Ogden, Utah, though the handlebars are not.

I found the stem to be stiff and responsive as well. As a performance factor, just going with the carbon stem isn’t going to change a whole lot. Riders may feel a bit of vibration damping and increased stiffness, but that will mostly come from the bars. Again, the stem is mostly about weight savings, measuring 98g on my scale at home…… Read More