rockwest-uammiThis month Rock West Composites (RWC) announces the deployment of a six-spindle, four-axis filament winder that the business recently acquired. With advanced programming software and operating controls, this machine adds significant production capability to the company’s manufacturing operation. The rapid growth in demand for filament wound product has required the near doubling of RWC’s manufacturing capacity in this area.

The reduction of per part labor should increase cost efficiencies for certain programs, supporting the business’s ability to provide commercial pricing for high volume production. Also, since demand for product is high, additional capacity increases equipment availability and provides flexibility to better accommodate customer schedule requirements.

RWC’s new filament winding machine has four axes of motion for precise fiber placement, and a 36-tow-capacity resin bath for rapid material build up. Its programmable doctor blade provides precise control of resin content, and a digitally controlled resin bath heating system assures optimum fiber wet out. To compliment the machine’s capabilities, an advanced pattern simulation software is used to generate the winding programs that allows the winding pattern to be viewed at any stage prior to the actual manufacturing process. More….