RockWest-Honeycomb-Carbon-Fiber-UAMMIThis month Rock West Composites (RWC) announced the expansion of its sandwich panel lineup with the addition of new aluminum honeycomb core panels. Offering versions with carbon fiber composite and aluminum skins, customers can select light weight panels that suit their specific project requirements.

The carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb core sandwich panels are a high-performance solution, offering high strength, high stiffness, and low coefficient of thermal expansion (in-plane), while retaining their lightweight properties. These panels can be used for aerospace and other applications, such as dimensionally stable platforms, or be machined to shape to make rib reinforcements for stiffening other structures.

The aluminum skin and aluminum honeycomb core panels are strong and stiff but come at a lower price point and with increased surface durability, making them an excellent choice for prototypes or other applications that must withstand more handling and/or rugged environments.

“We always make it a priority to listen to our customers’ needs,” said Dave Erickson, General Manager of the Salt Lake City facility. “We have had multiple requests for carbon fiber skin/aluminum core sandwich panels, and we are being responsive to this growing demand.” For more information on Rock West Composites’ new sandwich panel offering, visit