Rock West Composites announces that this month it is significantly expanding its off-the-shelf carbon tubing targeted for use in bicycle frames. To meet growing demand in the hand-built bicycle industry, Rock West now carries an extensive composite tubing selection for the major elements of frame production along with complementary products.

Salt Lake City, UT  – This month Rock West Composites (RWC) announces the significant expansion of its in-stock, carbon fiber tubing for state-of-the-art, carbon bicycle frame applications. Carbon composite materials are known for their high strength-to-weight properties and ability to accommodate a variety of design specifications. These properties are an important benefit for the performance cyclist and merit the increased price point relative to other tubing materials.

rockwest-uammiTripling its products available for bicycle frames, RWC’s carbon fiber tubing covers the major elements of frame production including: head and seat tubes with steerer tubes and seat posts, top and down tubes, chain and seat stays, and bottom bracket shells. The company is unique in that it is a one-stop shop for bicycle builders, also offering aero tubing, pre-preg materials, fabrics, resin systems and bonding agents.

“As the composites industry has become more mainstream, carbon fiber products have become more affordable for smaller frame builders as well as for the average consumer,” said Dave Erickson, VP and General Manager of RWC’s Utah facility. “We wanted to expand our standard carbon fiber product lines with tubing specifically engineered and sized to meet the demands of the carbon bicycle frame market. We have cyclists in-house with extensive industry experience, so this not only grows our marketspace, but adds to the team’s work gratification.”

Rock West Composites provides composite products for variety of markets and customers. Specializing in carbon fiber composites, RWC offers in-stock products, including tubes, plates and complementary materials, as well as custom products and services, such as product development, engineering services, prototyping, and manufacturing. Manufactured processes include filament winding, roll wrap, resin infusion, bladder molding, and modified closed mold processes. Rock West Composites has facilities in San Diego, California, and Salt Lake City, Utah.


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