utah-state-university-uammiSpidey Tek LLC and Utah State University, on April 10, 2018, announced they have signed a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement for the mass production of spider silk proteins and commercialization of spider silk-related technologies.

The Spidey Tek Team is a world leader in spider silk-based lightweight material development and engineering. The Spidey Tek Scientific Team, led by Utah Science Technology and Research Biology and Spidey Tek Scientific Officer professor Randy Lewis, Ph.D., have been on the forefront of developing technologies and processes to produce large quantities of spider silk protein – one of the strongest materials on Earth. Professor Randy Lewis, Ph.D., leads the spider silk research at USU and is the chief science officer of Spidey Tek LLC. “This Spidey Tek Scientific Team is making science fiction – science fact,” said world-class designer and lightweight material science expert Roberto Velozzi, CEO of Spidey Tek. Read More….