ABC4-Utah-Aerospace-Industry-Article-PicLocal leaders say that Utah’s aerospace industry could be the next big economic powerhouse for in Salt Lake City. Lara Fritts, director for the Salt Lake City Department of Economic Development, visited Good Morning Utah to talk about it.

When we say “aerospace industry” it can mean a wide variety of job functions and skill sets.

Fritt said Utah plays a critical role in defense and aerospace–jobs range from maintenance to manufacturing in both commercial and defense.

“Our local strength is design, software and control systems, and testing,” she said. “What many may not realize is that Utah has a growing aerospace manufacturing sector with a particular local expertise in advanced composite fabrication.”

She said it’s all about setting up our companies for success long term and building that talent pipeline

“We’re talking about an industry that accounts for nearly 1,000 companies and more than 30,000 jobs in Utah,” Fritts said. “Think about the influence of Hill Air Force Base, not only is it a transfer of skills from the defense sector but our tech talent pool.”

Frits said it’s growing industry with many jobs to fill, especially in manufacturing.  Read more…..