The UAMMI Sales Forecast Calculator uses economic factors identified in the most current Macro Economic Outlook report produced by UAMMI’s Lead Analyst and Economist, David Beckerman. The revenue tool was originally developed to help chief financial officers, production managers, sales personnel, and other corporate stakeholders more accurately predict corporate revenues while adjusting for the modern world’s ever-changing economic signals.

The dashboard allows users to apply estimates of key economic variables to their sales to obtain tailored forecast of their future sales.

To derive a forecast for your company:

  1. In the top section, enter your industry NAICS code
  2. In the second section, enter your total 2021 sales and select a forecast year. This will generate two forecasts, one based on Euromonitor sales projections and the other based on GDP estimates
  3. In the graphical section, you can examine how exposure to specific various economic factors affect your revenues
    1. Use the slider at left to determine the percentage weight to assign to each factors
    2. The sum of shares must sum to 100%
    3. Note that “unaffected” sales are the share of sales that you believe to be latent and not directly impacted by the economic factors listed
  4. The forecast in the main field will update accordingly.

The Utah Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Initiative would like to thank World Trade Center Utah, NIST-MEP, and Utah-MEP for their contributions to the Macro Economic Outlook report and the development of the UAMMI Sales Forecast Calculator.

Special thanks to Utah-MEP for funding this project.