WBE/DBE Certification Mentoring Program

Have you been thinking about getting your company certified as a Women or Disadvantaged Owned Business?

UAMMI recently launched the WBE/DBE Certification Mentoring Program to help streamline the application process and help more Utah companies get this valuable business enhancement certification. Our program will take you step-by-step through the application process ending with your successful submission of the application form. 


The goal of the course is to provide the information needed for a typical qualifying business to apply for these business certifications, including:

  1. Identify eligibility
  2. Identify documentation required for application
  3. Completion of application steps
  4. Submission of application to the certification body

Course Outline: 10 WEEK PROGRAM

WBE/DBE Certification Mentoring is a 10-week intensive mentoring program immersing companies in a highly engaged and interactive learning experience with experts in the certification process and topical specialists who help participants achieve success in submitting the application. 

Classes will be both virtual and in-person over 10 weeks with weekly working sessions, which provides time for the company assignment to complete by the next session. The sessions will include group discussion and breakouts for individual companies.

The intention is to have a group session, one 1-1.5 hour session a week and allow each of the 5 pilot companies to have an individual 30 minute session once a week. 

DATES and Fees

Kick Off: September 9, 2021
Company Contribution: $550


WBE/DBE companies may qualify for financial support and scholarships to attend the mentoring session. 

Why Participate?

Government and corporations have programs with funding set aside for small businesses that have been certified as Women Business Enterprise (WBE), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), and Veteran Owned Business (VOSB).

WBE/DBE Certification Mentoring is designed to help guide companies through the certification process, culminating in submitting the application and identifying opportunities.




Enrollment will be for any manufacturing company in Utah interested in applying for these certifications. UAMMI will work with the Utah-MEP alliance to identify companies that might be interested in this program. Each company is encouraged to bring a team to the Mentoring, which includes representative from the top executives, accounting, and legal. Pilot program will be limited to no more than five (5) companies so sign up early.

STEP 1 – Complete This Expression of Interest from this form.

STEP 2 – Certification Expert Will Provide Free Counseling to confirm WBE/DBE certification will benefit your company

STEP 3 – Receive Invitation to Register Kick Off: September 9, 2021

For more information:
Dr. Tulinda Larsen
443 510 3566